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Pink and Blue
This awesome necklace is made from some great Turquoise chips and chunks and highlighted by some beautiful Angel Skin Coral!! It measures 45 inches and includes a 3 1/2" extender for an even longer style. This allows for a layered look, a long style, or how about a belt?? You will love it!
Price: $75.00
This Shattuckite stone is a real beauty! It measures approx. 2 1/2 inches (stone only). I have set it with a plain bezel, a southwest style bail, and decorative stamping. It's all high polished sterling silver. Shattuckite is said to enhance mediumship, phychic communication and channeling. Comes complete with the heavy box chain shown.
Price: $115.00
Blue Eagle
These stones are Kingman Turquoise and have a really nice design running through the bottom. I have surrounded the stones with a fancy bezel and added "eagle" feathers for a special touch. They are post style with extra large butterfly backs to hold them in place on your ears.
Price: $90.00
Wild Blue
This is a beautiful piece of Turquoise that I fashioned into this great necklace. I bought the rough and then cut and polished it and set it onto some silver that I had "pressed" into this cool design. I "antiqued" the silver with a black solution to really bring out the design. The Turquoise is a beautiful blue with Pyrite that matches the silver. It comes complete with the 18" square snake chain shown.
Price: $175.00
Spirit of Love Earrings
These cute earrings match the necklace below and were made
from the same Turquoise. I have added a Sterling Silver Feather to each one for extra movement and the solid high polished Sterling Silver on the back has a post soldered on with the butterfly backs included. They measure approx. 1 1/2" from top of stone to bottom of feather. Sold as a set with below necklace for $200.00 or
Price: $100.00
Spirit of Love
This necklace is made from some Turquoise that I got from a man that has had it for years. I cut and polished it and was surprised at the interesting color and design that was hidding inside! It is made with solid Sterling Silver and a fancy bail. It comes complete with the 18" Box Chain shown. Sold as a set with above earrings for $200.00 or
Price: $100.00
Majestic Beauty
This is where the mountains meet the sea. The Peruvian Blue Opals come from the Andes Mountains in Peru, and it is said they have relaxing energies. Legend has it that it takes the tension out of communication. The Red Coral is known as the "garden of the sea". It is said to prevent ill fortune and offer protection from skin disease when worn as a necklace. Measures 15 1/2" and has an approx. 1" extender.
Price: $25.00
SOLD!!! Mojave SOLD!!!
SOLD!!! Mojave Green Turquoise is the inspiration for this great piece. I"ve added a Prasiolite and topped it off with a pear shape Peridot on the bail. Beading around the edges add a special touch of texture and it comes complete with an 18" box chain. SOLD!!!
Price: $75.00
Thunder Cloud
This piece of crazy lace agate was cut and polished by hand. Notice the great detail of the stone and how the reds and pinks and greys all intermingle and look like a great scene. It has one lone line that streaks across the top in a different direction almost like a bolt of lightening. The twisted copper/brass/silver that surrounds the stone helps to bring out the coloring. It measures approx. 1 1/4" from top of bail to bottom, and almost 1 1/2" wide, in an East/West setting. Comes with a 16" snake chain. A simple, yet elegant look you'll love to show off!
Price: $50.00
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