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SOLD!!! Black and White SOLD!!!
SOLD!!! This great piece of Jasper has been accented with a Black Knight Drusy and a Rainbow Moonstone. It's a fun piece that you will want to wear every day, and you can with the included 18" snake chain shown! SOLD!!!
Price: $140.00
Rose Quartz, Lemon Quartz, Clear Quartz, and Prehnite, make up this very unique necklace. You can put the chain through either end for a different look, or hang charms from one end. All stones are a nice large size and it comes complete with an 18" snake chain.
Price: $120.00
Silver Horse
This is such a sweet Sterling Silver Horse, and he wants his forever home with you! Comes complete with the chain shown.
Price: $65.00
This necklace is set with an Obsidian that looks like it has roses all over it! Obsidian is a volcano glass and really shines! This stone has a crack in it that won't effect the setting and I have marked it accordingly. It measures 2 1/2" x 5/8" and comes on a 18" super shiny square snake chain.
Price: $58.00
This view shows the crack in the stone. It's a very beautiful necklace!!
Wild Blue
This fantastic piece of Turquoise is absolutely beautiful!! I bought the rough in Kingman Arizona several years ago, and fashioned it into this great necklace. The silver is "pressed" into this design that I have antiqued with black to make it really stand out. The Turquoise has a beautiful blue with pyrite that matches the silver. It comes complete with the 18" square snake chain shown.
Price: $175.00
Chief Crazy Horse
This horse has a "crazy" pattern all over his body and looks so modern! It comes complete with the chain shown. All Sterling Silver!
Price: $110.00
Elegance says it all! The main stone is a Drusy that I set with a nice bezel, and it's set in solid high polished sterling silver. The Drusy measures approx. 1 1/4" from top of bail to bottom of stone and just under 3/4" wide. The necklace is all rectangle shape high quality Smokey Quartz, with faceted crystal's and a nice size lobster claw clasp. It measures approx. 22" in length!
Price: $63.00
Iolite Sparkle
This pretty necklace starts with a fancy bail, that goes into a colorful round Iolite. All of this beauty is followed by a White Drusy cut into a diamond shape. It comes complete with the 18" snake chain shown, for your convenience.
Price: $90.00
SOLD!!! Glorius Jade SOLD!!!
SOLD!!! I got this Jade from an estate sale, and this is the first piece that I cut and polished. I am really happy with the way it turned out, and I think you will be proud to wear it. Set with a fancy bezel, and bail, and it comes with the 18" box chain shown. SOLD!!!
Price: $82.00
Borealis Night
This piece of Labradorite has been shaped (by me) into a "point" to show off more of the color. Labradorite is said to be a power stone, allowing you to see through illusions and determines the actual form of your dreams and goals. Is said to be excellent for strengthening intuitions. This one has been "fancy" set into a nice sterling silver setting with an extra large bail in case you want to change out the included 18" heavy snake chain.
Price: $98.00
Sun Opal
The stone in this cute necklace is a Mexican Fire Opal in matrix. Set with silver spheres to add to the beauty, and it also has a fancy bail and comes included with the 18" box chain to complete it.
Price: $78.00
Snow Glitter
This beautiful Drusy sparkles just like fresh snow in the sunshine. It has been mounted with a fancy bezel, and includes the fancy bail, and the 18" sparkle chain. It measures approx. 3 1/8" long from top of bail to bottom of stone, and approx. 1/4" wide. A very elegant look for not much money.
Price: $79.00
Amethyst Color Beauty
This large stone is so pretty! It has the deep color of amethyst, has a fancy snowflake pattern cut out of the back of the silver and is set with a fancy bezel and comes complete with the chain shown!
Price: $122.00
Simple Beauty
This Kingman (AZ) Turquoise is so beautiful and such a calming blue! The Turquoise measures approx. 15 x 20 MM, and the drop is high polished sterling silver that measures approx. 1 1/4" from top of bail to bottom of stone. It comes complete with the sterling 18" box chain shown.
Price: $48.00
Stamped Blue
This beautiful necklace has been hand stamped and fabricated. The hishe beads are beautiful, reconstituted turquoise. the concho's and the main pendant is sterling silver. The stones were set in a copper bezel to make the turquoise stones pop! The large turquoise is a beautiful Kingman turquoise, and the small stones look like Sleeping Beauty, but I don't know where they came from. This necklace is approx. 19" with an adjustment chain added .I have signed the back and of course, shipping is free.
Price: $205.00
Night on the Town
This nice strand of freshwater Pearls consists of approx. 7-8mm black/peacock Pearls seperated by approx. 3-5mm white Pearls. This strand is approx. 26 1/2" long, and has a lobster claw clasp.
Price: $95.00
Night on the Town
Night on the Town
This is a close up view of Night on the Town, and shows the nice luster of these Pearls.
Kingman Beauty
The beautiful stone in this necklace was made from a piece of Kingman Turquoise rough that I bought a few years ago in Kingman, Arizona. It has Pyrite all through the deep blue Turquoise. The bail is a southwest style, and there are leaves on each side. It is made with solid high polished sterling silver and is signed. Comes with the heavy 18" snake chain shown.
Price: $185.00
Kingman Beauty
Kingman Beauty
This shows a close up and side view of necklace.
Mexican Beauty
This pretty little necklace is a Mexican Fire Opal in matrix that I have cut and polished for your pleasure. The color is quite spectacular as the stone moves about on your neckline. Give this one a try! The 18" box chain comes with it.
Price: $75.00
Soothe Me
This pretty stone is called Prasiolite. Some call it a "green amethyst", but even though it is a quartz, it has a name all to itself! This is a nice big stone (3.55 TCW)and has been set into a cast setting for extra strength and durability. It also comes with the 18" box chain shown.
Price: $53.00
Ocean Sunset
This beautiful Carnelian reminds me of a colorful ocean sunset! It is a nice size stone and is set in a cast setting for extra strength. It comes complete with the 18" box chain shown.
Price: $59.00
Chocolate Drop
This golden brown Smokey Quartz has hues the color of gold, and browns like yummy chocolate. You will love to wear this with all of your outfits, and you can since the 18" box chain shown comes included.
Price: $51.00
SOLD!!! Joyful SOLD!!!
SOLD!!! This sterling silver necklace with Green Amber, Citrine, and Malachite will fill you with joy every time you put it on! Amber is said to have energies of love, healing, protection and luck. Malachite is said to have energies of love, money, and protection. Citrine is said to have the same energies of the Malachite. Wear this beauty and see what energies it brings your way. It comes complete with the 18" square snake chain shown. SOLD!!!
Price: $113.00
This is a brighter photo of Joyful.
I chose this design as it reminds me of friendship! It also has the trinity design so I loved it for that as well. This is sterling silver on the front, and copper on the back and comes complete with the chain shown.
Price: $55.00
Friendship Trinity
This a a variation of the above design and has sterling silver front, and a copper back and comes complete with the chain shown,
Price: $55.00
Irish Green!
I believe the main stone to be an Aventurine, and the beads are Peridot color Swarovski Crystals. It's a fun piece to show off your love of??? Comes complete with the chain shown.
Price: $35.00
This delightful little cross has a pretty piece of Apatite added. Apatite is said to be a learning and inspirational stone. It is said that if you wear it with sterling silver it will show properties as a "mirror of the soul" to help us see ourselves as we truely are. It's all highly polished and comes complete with an 18" box chain.
Price: $42.00
Patriarch is a fitting name for this deep purple Amethyst that looks to be fit for a Queen!! It has been simple set with a large bail so you can wear it with most any chain, but comes complete with an 18" snake chain.
Price: $53.00
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